takeaway without the throw away

Takeaway without the Throw away - introducing CauliBox, London's first reusable lunchbox scheme

More than 11 billion pieces of packaging waste is produced every year by the food-to-go sector - much of which is hard to recycle due to their compsition of mixed materials and contamination from food residue. London has an amazing food-to-go culture, without delicious offerings from Chinese fried noodles to Vietnamese bánh mì, Turkish falafel to a big, juicy burgers - what if there is a way to have the convinience of a takeaway without the heavy environmental price tag?

DayOld is working with a new social enterprise, CauliBox, to launch London’s first reusable lunchbox scheme! Come visit us at Tachbrook Street Market to get your delicious lunch served in a reusable lunchbox made from sustainable bamboo fibre. Simply drop if off at our convinient dropoff point in Waitrose and CauliBox will professionally wash and sanitise it for future uses! Check them out here.